Refer a Friend Program


How to Refer a Friend


Ready to earn $25 off your next Brynn Capella order? All you have to do is log into your account and share your personalized referral link (via the Style Stars Reward Program) with friends who haven’t yet had the chance to meet us yet.

Your friend gets to enjoy 10% off and once the friend you referred to Brynn Capella makes a purchase using your link, your account will be awarded with 450 stars (the equivalent of $25), and you will be notified.

Easy, right? 








Why Points?

This allows us the flexibility to reward you for all kinds of things-- not just referrals! As we grow our program, we think this will be a lot of fun, and beneficial to our amazing Brynn Capella customers. 

Will My Points Expire?

No. You've earned them, so they are yours to keep. That way you can use them when you are ready for a purchase. 

How Do I Join?

Not already a member? Click our LOGIN button above to join and start getting rewards immediately. 

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