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Split Leather | Suede and Printed Suede

Suede Leather, Printed Suede Leather, Brynn Capella, Made in the USA

Suede is simply the buffed inner layer of the hide, allowing for a naturally smoother and cleaner looking finish. Our hides are sourced from Europe’s finest suede tanneries. Our colors are rich and vibrant and although it is more delicate than full-grain leather, suede leather can last for an extremely long time.

How It Feels

Our suede has a velvety soft touch. Our printed suede has a transfer pattern that creates a stunning visual effect on the surface, injecting elements of dimension and texture. The end result is a leather that draws you in with its lavish glamour and modern elegance but with a deceivingly soft texture that begs to be touched.

How It Wears

Suede is more durable than most people think and will retain its rich, boho color with a little extra preventative care and maintenance.

Leather Care Tips

We suggest waterproofing suede on day one to protect from the elements. But the best way to care for your leather is paying attention to the dirt and oils from your touch. Most dirt and stains if taken care of immediately will be treatable. You can also maintain the gorgeous nap with a suede brush on our split suedes, not recommended on printed suede. We also do not recommend using any leather conditioners or use specific suede cleaners only.

Waterproofing Spray, Leather care, Brynn Capella, made in the USA