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Full-Grain Cowhide | Distressed, Aged & Pull-Up

Vintage Leather, Distressed Leather, Pull-up Leather, Brynn Capella, USA


Our Distressed, Aged and Pull-up leathers are similar in their look, feel and care, so we grouped them together into our "Vintage Hides." They are all full-grain leather with a subtle broken-in effect. Full-grain leather is known as the best quality because the leather has not been altered in any way to remove imperfections, like in top-grain or genuine leather. The tanneries we work with hand-select each hide to minimize the natural scars and blemishes found in full grain leather. 

Distressed Colors: Happy Trails, Cape Cod, River Rock, Darkhorse
Aged: Aquarius, Olive Branch, French Vanilla, Wooden Tiki
Pull-up: Black Sand, Whiskey

How It Feels

Our vintage leathers are designed to look aged or like you have worn it for years. These leathers are aniline dyed with a buttery hand because of the treatment the hides receive. A top wax treatment ensures protection, softness, and a beautiful crackle effect, enhancing the original marks on the hide.  Our pull-up leathers include extra oil that gives the leather an extremely supple feel.

How It Wears

Vintage leathers will only improve with age and provide a rich distressed look for years to come. Our distressed hides have a slight shine, will patina over time and with a little extra love keep its color vibrancy longer. Our aged leather has a matte look and the wax finish provides durability and softness that won't scratch easily. Our pull-up leather can scratch fairly easily but can be rubbed out with the heat and oils from your thumb. These leathers will develop a beautiful patina and have a lived in look.

Leather Care Tips

Our vintage leathers get better, softer and more personal with age. As a natural product, it has a ph balance just like your skin. So just like us, leather is made better with a little extra love and care.  Signs of wear are part of its journey.  However if scratching occurs, they can be easily smoothed out with the natural heat and oils from your finger tips on our pull-up leather and with our leather conditioner on our beautifully distressed hides. 

Those with a aged, matte finish (Aquarius, Wooden Tiki and Olive Branch) are purely protected and should withstand the most wear with no extra maintenance.

Brighter colors should be conditioned regularly to keep the color vibrant. But we suggest every 45 days if you live in warm weather states and every 60-90 days otherwise or as you feel is necessary. This will not only add moisture to the leather put added protection from the sun. Our Leather Cream works better as a waterproofing layer for distressed leathers than our spray.
The key difference between leather dressing and leather cream is that the leather cream can be used to put a medium shine on leather items while the leather dressing is primarily used to moisturize and nourish leather items. 

Leather Cream, Leather Care, Brynn Capella, made in the USA
Leather Dressing, leather care, Brynn Capella, made in the USA