Care Instructions

Brynn Capella Caring for your bag
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About Our Leather

Brynn Capella Handbags are made of beautiful Italian leather (from top coated to a natural unfinished). Grain and slight differences of color are characteristics of leather. 

We guarantee against manufacturer’s defect for one full year from the date of purchase. If your handbag does not withstand the rigors of normal wear, we will gladly repair or replace the item with a product of equal value.


How should I look after my leather bag?

1. Avoid leaving your handbag in direct sunlight for long periods. This can cause fading and permanent damage to the color when unattended.

2. As leather ages and is exposed to the elements, it loses the fats and oils used to saturate the hide during the tanning process. The dryer and harder leather gets, the greater the likelihood it will crack, split or warp. So along with keeping your leather clean, you will need to condition it from time to time.

3. Use a leather cream to moisturize or a refurbishment cream to take away scratches from the leather where necessary. Leathers which have a glaze may react with creams, so it's best to ask at the store when purchasing creams for a suitable one for your bag. Leather cream can prevent leather dehydration and remove water marks.

4. Avoid getting your handbag wet as much as possible - Never use heaters such as radiators or air dryer. Always let air dryer if caught in the rain. If concerned, treat it with a waterproof leather spray prior to use. Spray leather lightly and from a distance or seek a professional if concerned.

5. For inside spills, try pulling the lining inside out and removing any excess by dabbing with absorbent paper. Sponge with a clean, damp cloth (do not scrub). Avoid contact with the leather on your bag. Use a second sheet of absorbent paper to remove excess and wait until it dries before putting the lining back into your bag. 

6. When storing the handbags, clean and pack it loosely with acid-free tissue paper. Put it in its dust bag (never store leather in plastic because this will encourage the growth of mildew and bacteria which will end up ruining the leather) and store in a dry place away from bright sunlight where it won’t be squashed. Wherever it is stored, regularly take it out and air it to ensure that the leather does not become dehydrated.  Some leathers may develop a natural wax and oils on the surface, polish with soft dry cloth. 

7. Suede is leather that has gone through the process of having the fibers of the flesh side of the hide buffed to give it a nap effect. Because the flesh side is more porous, it will absorb moisture faster and will stain easily. You'll want to use caution when cleaning suede, and while there are commercial products made especially for suede, one home "dry-cleaning" method is to use cornmeal. Simply rub the cornmeal into the stain with your fingers in a light circular motion, and then use a soft suede brush to gently lift up the nap of the suede when finished.

8. Patent Leather has only two simple steps to care for it: cleaning and shining. It can be cleaned regularly with a mild soap and a wet cloth. If dirt levels are heavy, apply a small amount of windex and wipe away with a clean, soft cloth. Buff when dry to restore shine. With any cleaning effort, watch the patent coating to ensure it is not being removed. There are specific patent leather cleaners sold at most show stores if needed.

Tip from Brynn: If an ink pen gets on the surface of the bag, scotch tape may work best if treated right away. Simply press the tape onto the surface and remove. The stain will stick to the tape. If denim transfers, please seek a professional right away before the stain sets.


How do I clean the hardware?

All of our hardware has been treated to prevent tarnishing and should not need polishing. Small marks can be buffed away with a soft, dry cloth. 

Note: Brynn recommends bringing your leather handbag into a professional on a regular basis so that they can take care of this work for you. Of course you will have to pay a fee for this but it will be well worth it to keep your leather handbag looking brand new.