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Inside Brynn Capella

About Us
Handbag Designer, Brynn Capella, Chicago IL, made in the USA

About Brynn

A blend of coastal cool and city chic describes Brynn Capella inside and out. A self-taught designer and entrepreneur, Brynn turned what became a fun side project in-between music industry jobs to a thriving business while helping one woman at a time since 2009.

Her intention was and always has been to help women embrace the California sunshine in their wardrobe and not be afraid of color. Growing up as a beach bum, she wore every color of the rainbow and lived a very casual lifestyle. Brynn’s designs are a mix of classic urban elegance inspired by her friends and the casual brightness of the coastal California lifestyle.

The business has evolved over the years from being sold in over 50 stores to strictly e-commerce and events. The ‘rat race’ of wholesale was dictating the evolution of the business and Brynn wanted the consumers to be at the forefront. Fast forward to now, women from all over have discovered the small Chicago-based company...from Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. We're also super excited that women have discovered our little brand in 45 out of all 50 states and keep coming back for more.

Brynn Capella New Handbag design ideas

What We Make

Whether women have discovered us at art events, searching for "made in usa handbags" online or especially word-of-mouth, we want them to have something that feels hand-touched and to feel special carrying Brynn’s handbags designed with her laidback colorful style in mind. Women come because they’re drawn in by the beautiful colors and unique leathers, but the functionality is what seals the deal most of the time. Women feel like they’ve uncovered gold when they discover the beauty that meets functionality within Brynn Capella Handbags.

Diversity and inclusion is at the core of our brand and Brynn wants you to be authentically you. Her bags are designed for you and your everyday life, so she wanted everyday women modeling them. All the models are real women not professional models, from friends to women she has randomly approached when out and about in Chicago.

Colorful Leathers of Brynn Capella

Our Leathers

We source our luxurious leathers from Italy and South America from companies based in the United States and all products are made in Chicago. Brynn’s leathers tend to be on the warmer side and the leathers are never over shined/overstyled. The robustness and warmth of antique brass hardware appeal to its deep brown shade and golden undertones.

In the future, Brynn hopes to expand into gold and more silver hardware options as well.

Proud to be made in Chicago

Made in Chicago

We handcraft all products exclusively in Chicago and conduct small batch production only. We are very proud to be a local manufacturing team with ethical labor, wage, and sustainability practices since the company began in 2009. Brynn vows her commitment to being made in the USA now and forever.

One of Kind Holiday Show in Chicago, Dec 2019

Our Events

The joy of being a part of the process from designing to events and connecting with customers is like no other. The intimacy of having one on one conversations with women at yearly events shows the difference between what Brynn offers them versus corporations.

What keeps her going is when women get compliments like they’ve never received before and she can feel their pure excitement from the discovery of her brand. Brynn loves taking this opportunity to really connect.