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The Story Behind Our Color Names

The Story Behind Our Color Names
The Story Behind Our Color Names

Yes, we don't have your typical color names, like Black, Brown, Blue, Green...well you get the picture! As a young designer, it just felt so boring to call them basic colors, then how would I differentiate between colors each season!? It started out as clever names and then turned into something totally unexpected! It all goes back to my days in the music industry.

Right out of college (SDSU), I turned my college internship into a full-time job. Never in my wildest dreams did I every think I would work in radio. Most dream about a career in the music industry, but I completely fell into it. And of course, it revolved around a boy LOL Well I was in college... So I had a crush and this boy and his fraternity were volunteering at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the summer concert season. So I offered to volunteer too! Since I am not really the bouncer type, they put me in the VIP section to check tickets and whatnot.

Being the extrovert that I've always been, I saw all these young people having fun in the VIP section, so I asked what the deal was (of course in a much nicer way). She told me they were radio winners and she was interning at the radio station in promotions, so this was part of her job. And I thought, well I want to do that! I love music and that sounds like a ton of fun.

Me with Duran Duran in the 90's, Brynn Capella

Next thing I knew, I had a radio internship that summer! And by that Fall, I was working part-time and when I graduated it turned into a full-time gig! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Okay, but now you are wondering what does that have to do with my leather names!?! Fast forward 10 years and I decided to turn this hobby of making handbags into something more...

Around 2015, I created a spring collection and called it London Calling. Mainly because the colors reminded me of England and that was a fun name. I ended up calling the next season, Bohemian Rhapsody, because the colors were very bohemian to me. If you are familiar, both of these are song titles and thus a seasonal theme naming was born. I continued with Island Girl, Life is a Highway, Born to be Wild, California Dreaming, Harvest Moon and many more.

California Dreaming by Brynn Capella

My interns and I had a blast googling slang terms and sayings that related to the song title and theme of the collection. Like Born To Be Wild was Africa inspired with colors like Sahara, Congo and Toucan. California Dreaming had Happy Trails, Free Love, Woodstock & Aquarius. Harvest Moon was 1970's NYC inspired with leather names like Gold Dust, Wicked and Greenwich. So there is a rhyme and reason behind the color names although I no longer work with seasonal collections, because I look at all of our colors as year round offerings. To me it's all about how you pair the colors and what you wear with them that create a seasonal look overall. 

By 2019, I decided to no longer sell to boutiques and switched to direct to consumer. So I took the most popular colors from all the previous seasons and focused on making more of started with Woodstock, Wicked, Aquarius and Free Love and has expanded. Last spring we brought back Happy trails and Cape Cod and this Summer, we are bringing back Rosarito Beach from our Mexico inspired Life is a Highway Collection. So although our focus is on these 12-13 colors, as leathers get discontinued or we round out the color offerings or grow our fan base, you never know which color may debut or come back! 

So always stay tuned, as you never know when that'll happen!

Rosarito Beach coming this Summer, Brynn Capella, made in the USA


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