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Fall Forecast: COOL, with a chance of compliments

Fall Forecast: COOL, with a chance of compliments
Fall Forecast: COOL, with a chance of compliments

Picture this: a designer who never quite warmed up to the desire for black bags, yet here I am, brimming with excitement to reveal a very cool trio that's redefining the fall fashion game and sure to inspire lots of compliments: River Rock, Wicked and Woodstock. But since these were initially crafted as limited-season offerings, I never foresaw the potential confusion for fans when, in 2018, I decided to narrow my focus to the top-selling hues.

In the early days of collaborating with boutiques, one of the first things I encountered was the constant question, 'Does it come in black?' Ugh! Weren't there already enough black bags everywhere—why did I have to make more? But, out of that frustration, I hatched a clever solution, and these three gems are the results.

I scoured for leathers that could "play the part" of a black bag for most of the seasons. Enter River Rock, Wicked, and Woodstock – each with its own unique name and origin. River Rock found its place in my Sugar Magnolia collection during Fall of 2018, Wicked in Harvest Moon from Fall 2017, and Woodstock in California Dreaming during Fall of 2016. The full backstory on those collections? Well, that's a tale for another blog – a long story in its own right!

Not only did they survive the cut, but they all thrived, becoming three of my most popular leathers! This success, however, posed a conundrum for both new and loyal fans – how to differentiate these rebel hues from each other?

Let me unveil the secret sauce: each of these leather wonders possesses a distinctive charm and unique characteristics. River Rock, Wicked, and Woodstock – the stars of this season's handbag forecast and my rebellious take on the basic black bag. Each one adds a touch of personality to your ensemble that others just can't match. So, if you're ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, join me on this journey into a world where black isn't just a color but a statement.


Lauren Signature Bag in River Rock by Brynn CapellaRiver Rock, an aged distressed leather with a crackle effect and a light protective coating, showcases a color akin to gunmetal grey or dark charcoal. What sets it apart is the unique burgundy detailing, and it's distressed look which exudes a rugged elegance. Remarkably, it's also one of our lightest weight leathers. Recommended care includes a Leather Cream or Conditioner, depending on use, 1-2 times per year.


Lauren Signature Bag in Wicked by Brynn CapellaMoving on to Wicked and Woodstock, both fall under what I affectionately call an 'honest hide.' They're aniline-dyed and lightly hand-sanded Italian leather, giving them a unique two-toned effect. A final touch of silicon leaves a rustic yet soft touch.

Wicked captivates with its taupe-charcoal combo, embracing the mystery of autumn nights, while Woodstock boasts a rich brown-black combo, paying homage to the laid-back vibes of my California Dreaming collection.


Mini Lauren Signature Bag in Woodstock by Brynn Capella

So, if you ever find yourself pondering the difference, rest assured – these handcrafted gems are more than just colors; they're stories, each with its own chapter in the fashion narrative. Join me in navigating this spectrum where black isn't just a shade but a palette of possibilities, and let's celebrate the unique tales spun by River Rock, Wicked, and Woodstock.


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