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Transition Your Fall Bag into Springtime

Lauren Free Love Combo, Brynn Capella, made in USA
Lauren Free Love Combo, Brynn Capella, made in USA

Growing up in sunny Southern California, the concept of fashion revolving around "seasons" was practically nonexistent for me. With perpetual summer vibes, my fashion choices were more about personal style than conforming to seasonal trends. Even as a fashion-conscious teenager, I dared to incorporate unique vintage coats from thrift stores into my wardrobe, much to the bewilderment of those around me. Perhaps my unconventional fashion sense hinted at a future in the Midwest—Chicago, to be exact.

As I transitioned my brand to exclusively feature leather goods, my collections followed the traditional seasonal divide, with vibrant hues for spring/summer and richer tones for fall/winter. However, my Californian sensibilities gradually blurred the boundaries between seasons, ultimately merging into a cohesive year-round collection.

I am here to tell you black and brown bags are not the only season-less colors...And it's actually super easy to make colors transition between seasons seamlessly. Because for me, fashion transcends the confines of color palettes dictated by the calendar. I proudly sport my dark plum leather "Free Love" bag in any season and defy convention by rocking my mint blue leather "Seabreeze" (shown below) even in the depths of winter. It's not about the color—it's about finding the perfect pairings and clothing choices that breathes life into any season...especially with my Lizzy guitar bag straps.

Handbag designer Brynn Capella with her Signature bag in Seabreeze

In 2019, I introduced my signature Lizzy Guitar Bag straps, a nod to my music industry past. Little did I know, guitar-inspired accessories would soon saturate the market. While cheap straps flooded platforms like Amazon and Etsy, I remained committed to crafting high-quality, luxurious counterparts for my leather bags.

Months of meticulous research led me to discover the perfect combination of supple leather and cool ribbon prints. I sought leather with a thickness that ensured comfort without sacrificing durability, complementing the ribbons that adorned my designs. With an array of colors to harmonize with my bags, I embarked on a journey to elevate accessory pairings beyond fleeting trends.

Woodstock with Olive Vine Lizzy by Brynn Capella, made in USA

And here's the beauty of it all: these new straps aren't just about adding a comfort to your ensemble; they're also a game-changer in seamlessly transitioning between seasons. By simply swapping out your bag's straps—opting for a lighter-colored one with a dark leather bag or vice versa—you effortlessly breathe new life into your fall favorites, making them perfect companions for springtime adventures.

With just a simple twist and a dash of creativity, your accessories become versatile companions, reflecting your personal style that knows no bounds. So go ahead, mix and match with confidence, because with these straps, the possibilities are endless!

Here is my new favorite combo for spring 🌿

Brynn's current favorite combo, Lauren + Lizzy


1) My Free Love Lauren is super durable and the dark plum color matches everything a black or brown bag would! 

2) This new Hickory Vine Lizzy strap is unlike all the other straps out there! And matches almost every color in my collection.

3) And Cheetah is a classic and literally goes with everything I pair it with!

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