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Moving Forward into the Future

January 18 2023 – Brynn Capella

Get to know what Handbag Designer Brynn Capella has in store for her small growing business.
Get to know what Handbag Designer Brynn Capella has in store for her small growing business.
I've had lots of plans and dreams for this small business of mine over the years. In case you didn't know, I wasn't a Fashion Design or Business major at SDSU. Everything I know is from scratch, tons of research BUT mostly lots and lots of trial and error. 

One of the first things I've been focusing on is transitioning our entire collection to upgraded hardware and new premium zippers! Although there is nothing wrong with our old materials, I just wanted ALL of our raw materials to reflect the quality of leather and craftsmanship you have become accustom to from us! I tell you though, it's a long arduous process for sure! But so very worth it! I mean look at that beautiful hardware. And if you have one of our new bags, the zippers are as smooth as silk!

Brynn Capella, Chicago artisan, new handbag hardware, made in Chicago

From customer feedback to my own observations, I feel like this is the natural progression of the business. The hardest thing to translate, in doing all of this, is timing. We are not a big corporation, so we design and handcraft everything locally in small batches. Although we don't make thousands of bags at a time in a Chinese factory, we still have minimums we need to hit to keep labor pricing as low as possible. Since we don't have corporate budgets or a warehouse to make everything we want at the same time, we are slowly starting to bring back best sellers and colors that we love!

Now of course, as I do this, last chance inventory will sell out and pricing will go up on future releases. So don't wait too long to grab any of those items while they last. Some are already on our production calendar for this spring and fall and some won't be released for at least another year if at all.

As we MOVE FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE, I am hoping to bring everything to an in-house facility where you can actually see your bags being designed and made. This has been a dream of mine for quite a while, but with the ups and downs of the economy over the last twelve years, stopping boutique wholesale orders in 2018 and as of late Covid.... It's taking longer than I had hoped.

But this year, I am focusing on the growth of the business. I have loved working with interns for the last 10 years, but I need to focus on finding like minded individuals that want to grow with the business. Covid has taught me that I can hire a virtual staff, something I never dreamed would work in the past. But I am not outsourcing to India, I want a local team that can still come into the office once or twice a month, help create content, help produce events and really create a team environment.

So recently I signed up for a course by Kris Plachy (a college sorority sister of mine) and I am super excited to get started! Last year was all about learning more about YOU and this year, I am learning more about ME. Wish me luck!!!

2023 here I COME!

How to CEO for Female Entrepreneurs with Kris Plachy


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