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3 new colors + 3 ways to wear + Insider Tip

3 new colors + 3 ways to wear + Insider Tip
3 new colors + 3 ways to wear + Insider Tip

One of the things I pride myself on is the versatility of all of our designs. From our 6-in-1 signature bag down to even our smallest Mini Crossbody, I call Cher. She has transformed over the years from a small wristlet to a large wristlet, to a crossbody bag to even a belt bag. We added some specialty ones with chain/leather combo straps to creating one that was a shoulder, crossbody and a wristlet.

At the end of the day, we decided to keep it simple but allow it to still be super functional. She can be worn as a crossbody, across the body, belt bag style and of course you can shorten the strap and wear as a shoulder bag too!  

Brynn wearing our Cher Mini as a crossbody bag (Aquarius) Brynn wearing our Mini bag across the body (Aquarius) Brynn wearing our Cher Mini as a belt bag style (Aquarius)


As a small business, the thing I love most is our FANS! They love coming up with even more ways to wear our styles / designs! I like to call these our INSIDER TIPS because they come from you, our fans, our Insiders! Just clip two Mini crossbody bags together with a Lizzy strap and carry a little extra without the bulk or a larger bag!

This trick really allows you to have even more fun, it's like a reversible jacket. You decide the front and back colors and you can have so much fun with pairing different straps too!


Two Cher bags with a Lizzy guitar strap Insider Tip

And now we finally have so many colors to choose from and I updated the animal prints in suede to now have the option of a long adjustable leather strap! Of course, I still love having the chain strap option for an elegant twist for the evening too! Can't wait to see what color you pick out or pair up....



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