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What is the difference between the Lauren & the Mini Lauren?

What is the difference between the Lauren & the Mini Lauren?
What is the difference between the Lauren & the Mini Lauren?

There's no doubt, we strive to help women feel stylish, independent and seen for themselves, while tackling the day confidently. All of our designs are meant to be multi-functional so you don't have to constantly switch out your handbag for the occasion. We want every woman to experience our unique leather goods because of the positive power we've seen them have! 

The struggle is real to find a comfortable, organized and beautiful handbag that's still handcrafted in the USA. Since 2010, our Signature 6-in-1 Lauren Handbag has continued to create bag envy year after year. Her versatility keeps women coming back for more options and colors, although her durability will last you a lifetime.

She was so popular that we added a slightly smaller version, we call the Mini, but it's not mini by any means! Now we get asked all the time, what's the difference? That's why we've put together this FAQ to help answer your questions, so that you can feel confident before deciding which size works best for you (if you haven't already!) and you just may like both sizes in the end...

Original vs. Mini - What's the difference?

The only real difference between the two is body dimensions, strap width and what fits inside.

The Original Lauren is approx. 16 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Her straps are a comfortable 1.5 inches wide. Her top zipper is 12" long. Her front pockets easily fit your cell phone (for easy access). The top handle attachments have 4 rivets each, because most typically carry more weight in this size, so we reinforce those attachments. Wears better folded over than the Mini.

The Mini Lauren is approx. 14 inches wide by 14.5 inches tall. Her straps are 1 inch wide. Her top zipper is 11" long. The top handle attachment have 2 rivets each. Wears better as a backpack and clutch than the Original.

Brynn Capella's signature bag, the Lauren, available in two sizes, made in Chicago


Why did you create the Original?

I designed the Lauren because I was tired of having to decide between style and functionality. I wanted to create a bag that could be any bag you needed it to be, weekend to weekday to travel to running errands, basically wherever life took you. 

I knew I want it to foldover, I loved that style of bag, but saw so many fold-over designs that could only be worn 2 different ways and I thought it doesn't have to be that way. I wanted to take that style up a notch. So I designed ours with two detachable straps instead of one, so you could literally create multiple ways to wear her, simply by where you hooked the strap to the bag, including no straps for a handheld clutch (although the mini is best for that style).

It's become the perfect all in one design:  a shoulder bag, crossbody, fold-over and even a backpack. To be honest the backpack option was discovered by one of my biggest fans! It was a "A-ha" moment for me for sure! 

We also updated our crossbody strap length to 54 inches because we heard the plight of the long torso woman from our fans. I really do listen to your feedback and love connecting with you in a way that large corporations truly can't.

 Many ways to wear our signature bag, the Lauren, Brynn Capella, made in the USA

Top 5 reasons you'll want either size: 


1. Looks good no matter which way you wear it 
Our soft structured design looks good on all body types. And with convertible styles, the key is looking good as a handbag AND as a backpack. Woman over 30, need a chic backpack that doesn't look like what your kids carry. 


2. It's not a one-season bag 
We use only high quality leather sourced from USA-based companies, who import gorgeous Italian and South American leather that stands the test of time, making the cost per wear totally worth it. 


3. It's the ultimate handbag from style to functionality 
We don't think you should have to choose between the two. Your bag should look good and keep you organized, allowing you to look your best. From her inside pockets, perfect for charging cords, earbuds, business cards to the outside pockets great for keys, cell phone or any other small need to find quick items, to her hands-free style, luxury with function is what sets her apart.


4. You feel good about buying it 
From conception to fabrication, our line has been made exclusively in Chicago since 2009, consciously engaging in ethical manufacturing practices without compromising quality. We believe in always being made in the USA. 


5. You don’t have to switch bags for different occasions 
Don't you hate it when you realize that something's missing?! Ugh! Not with our 6-in-1 handbag! Life is already busy enough, with running the kids to soccer games, to daily commutes to the office, to family vacations, you shouldn’t have to spend time looking for another bag or making sure you transferred everything. Which makes it great for travel too!


Which one is best for you?

Deciding between the two sizes comes down to personal preference and what you need to carry. Most petite women prefer the Mini, because of how it feels on the body and the size doesn't overwhelm them. I am 5' 5" and although I wear both sizes, I actually prefer the Original. I will say most prefer the Original size, however, if you don't carry a lot or are looking to carry less, the Mini is the best option for you.


In this video, Brynn talks about the differences between the two sizes and walks you through all the different ways to wear our Signature bag.



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