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Are Studded Handbags All the Rage?

Are Studded Handbags All the Rage?
Are Studded Handbags All the Rage?

I think they are, but of course I might be a little biased!

When I first designed our Nikki studded handbag, the first thing I wanted to do was NOT over-style it! Second, was not to cover it in studs, so the leather could shine and play just as an important role as the studs. It was meant to be wicked cool with a laid-back vibe...just like me ;) and my friend Nikki of course!


Nikki Clutch / Crossbody bag in Oyster Shell Gray

I debuted the style in 2013, although small details have been upgraded over the years, the look and feel have never changed. It's funny because when I first designed it, I thought women would buy it as a "going out" bag. But I have found that most love to use it as an everyday bag! Currently available in 10 colors, from our Black Sand, River Rock and Stone Temple to Merlot and more. The hardest part is choosing which color!?

The shape of our studded purse keeps the inside narrow and streamlined, so items don't get lost in a big black hole. Granted our fun colorful linings help with that as well. The inside open slip pockets were originally meant for cell phones, but as they got bigger and used more often seems most prefer the outside back zipper pocket for that now. Making the inside pockets perfect for charging cords, gum, lip gloss and more.

Inside of the Nikki Clutch / Crossbody bag by Brynn Capella   

One of my key functionality elements has always been to cut the pockets all the way down to the base, so many are so short you can't fit anything in them or overtime the fold creates an indent visible on the outside leather from rubbing against the body when in use. So frustrating!

The BEST part about our Nikki is the ageless look and feel. My mom in her 70's loves it and my 20-something interns, it's usually their favorite as well! Breaking the fashion barrier and making a cool hip style more accessible to all.

Finally a bag that doesn't age you, steps us your fashion game and fits your essentials without weighing you down. Now I think that makes our studded crossbody bag, ALL THE RAGE ;)

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