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Searching for Handbags Made in the USA?

Searching for Handbags Made in the USA?
Searching for Handbags Made in the USA?

After the crazy year we had in 2020, plans changed, got pushed, re-shuffled, you know what I am talking about. The silver lining was meeting so many NEW clients! With everyone stuck at home for the most part, online shopping thrived. And so although we couldn't do events, many were on the search for Made in the USA goods! Now as a small business, we are always curious how new customers discover us, whether it's our ads, word of mouth or just dumb luck in their search ;)

But we must be doing something right!

And when we read all the awesome reviews and see the conversations in our FB Group between our awesome fans, you have lifted our spirits throughout the craziness. But we tend to always get these two questions from new fans?

  1. Do you make seasonal offerings or when do you launch new items?
  2. A sale item sold out, are you making more?

So I thought I'd create quick Video explanation Just for You:

We are super excited about Re-launching in Fall 2021, but that means we have a lot of work over the next 8 months! We finally sold out of all of Angi Satchels and Edie Tote bags, so now we can start our re-designs and upgrades on those two styles. All of our Dylan coin bags and Kari fringe bags are also on sale, since they are getting a slight re-design as well.

Now it's NOT going to be a completely different line, we are just stepping up the quality of our zippers and hardware, offering new and exciting metal finishes, like more gold and silver in addition to our signature antique brass hardware, as well as, fine tuning current or past styles, even our signature convertible backpack crossbody bag, the Lauren & Mini-Lauren.

Because all these changes are happening, it's time to buy that sale bag you've been eyeing, since it won't be here much longer!

Kari Blue Bayou

In order to shop our Steals & Deals SALE items you must be on the list. We open the sale doors 2-3 times per year for a limited time. This helps us guarantee that our true fans get the best deals vs. random margin hunters online.

Want info on Secret Sales, New Arrivals and more?



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