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How to Wear Color Bags, Now & Later

Leather colored bags for now and later, year round leather colors, Brynn Capella, made in USA
Leather colored bags for now and later, year round leather colors, Brynn Capella, made in USA

With Summer coming to an end (I mean can't you almost smell the pumpkin spice!?!), it doesn't mean your wardrobe has to turn to black. I hear women talk about a pop of color here or there in the fall, but for me it's about incorporating it into a regular rotation for any and every season. 

Before I started designing and making handbags, I never gave colored bags too much thought. Not to say I was a black bag girl by any means, but it was more about the bag style, like was it a backpack, crossbody, shoulder bag kinda thing. Basically, it was more about what I needed to carry than how it complimented my outfit.

Fast forward many years and it's the total opposite. Nowadays I probably actually choose my outfit around my bag. I'm not saying you have to do that, but it really boils down to three key things:

1) Adding darker or lighter hues to your outfit for balance...for example, simply switching out your light tans for your chocolate browns, or your whites for creams or grey, etc.

2) Layers. This is pretty straight forward. Adding a jacket will always make it feel more fall. I prefer a lightweight leather jacket, it adds style and warmth. Don't put away that summer dress. This is a great way to extend the life of your maxi dress and more, even a super colorful one. 

3) Accessorize. A great pair of boots instantly updates the look for fall. Whether it's tall boots or booties, and in any color too. Mixing seasons a little is totally okay at our age, just sayin' we can own it.

So I didn't learn about seasonal transitions until after I moved to Chicago from Southern California. Fall quickly became my favorite season, but I always hated changing out my closet. I learned about layers and seasonal wardrobes, but for me it just means slight changes, the color itself can easily transition from season to season.  

So I thought I'd show some of the easiest ways to do just that:

Jenne Guava now and later, BRYNN CAPELLA


Nikki Bluebell, Brynn Capella

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  • Pamela Vaughan: March 06, 2023
    Author's avatar image

    I love your fashion flair! It’s of great interest to me to see what color and pattern combinations you create. Especially how you mix patterns! You do that so well, it intrigues me. I am such a coward with patterns. So often, I look at a garment thinking, how many ways can I combine this with things that I have? To me, patterns seem so limiting so I avoid them. And(horrors) I don’t feel drawn to flowered prints for myself, but I do like leaf prints as well as checks, plaids , paisley and CAMO. Love Camo but it doesn’t always work for a dress, or does it? Anyway- I love the little leather jacket, maxi dress and boots! These days, I go more for a flowing loose sweater and not the jacket as I no longer have a cute waistline. Since I have gotten heavier, I have become a fashion coward. But, I am working at overcoming that, it will take some time. My gorgeous collection of Brynn bags help me feel connected to the world of beauty and fashion that so interest me. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!❤️

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