Finished Leather

In this section, you will find our full grain leathers that have a light protective top finish. Full grain leather simply means it's from the top layer of the hide, so it retains the inherent toughness, as well as the imperfections because there are no surface alterations. 

Basic Leather Care for Finished Leather: It is important that any spilling or soiling be wiped with a dry or slightly moistened soft cloth. Never soak the leather with water or any cleaning agents. Condition once or twice per year to restore the natural moisture and preserve it's softness and protection.

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Nikki Clutch/Crossbody - Sahara
Lauren Crossbody - Coconut
Lauren Crossbody - Sahara
Nikki Clutch/Crossbody - Meadow
Lauren Crossbody - Old Royal
Dylan Coin - Sand Dunes
Mini-Lauren Crossbody - Sand Dunes