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What are your Brynn Capella Top 10?

What are your Brynn Capella Top 10?
What are your Brynn Capella Top 10?

When I originally got started deciding on my top picks, I did three because I was trying to keep it simple. But after posting it, I really felt like so much was missing. Like what about my new leather bracelets, from the cowhide to the fringe to the studs...what about my streamlined tri-fold wallets or my smaller styles, like Cher or Jenne!? There were so many more items that I love (yes I love all of it) but I couldn't just leave it at that.

Growing up in Southern California, I lived a summer lifestyle year round. I realized, after I moved to Chicago that I took the beautiful weather for granted. So it's no surprise that I am all about helping women embrace the California sunshine in their handbags and accessories, no matter where you live! 

So as you might have guessed, I love my colors. But lately I have been not really wanting to even call them that, because to me they really are ALL neutrals in my book. Or they can totally act like it when paired correctly. I see these "influencers" posting these fabulous outfits and then it falls flat when they pair it with a basic small black bag. Why put so much time and energy into your look, just to throw on the same old bag every time!?!

I spoke with a customer recently and she told me that's what she used to do. That she never really considered her handbag as part of her outfit, just as a functional piece to carry all her stuff. When she discovered my brand, she quickly started realizing she was doing it all wrong! And I loved hearing that!

Lauren Free Love, Brynn's top 10, made in the USA Lizzy Vintage Floral in Navy, Brynn's top 10 picks, made in the USA Studded Nikki bag in Mai Tai coral leather, Brynn's top 10, made in the USA


Here were my initial Top 3 (from L to R): The Free Love Lauren. My go-to style & color. Super functional, the plum leather is soft, durable and adds just the right amount of color to my outfit. And she pairs well with white denim and floral sundresses in spring and summer. The Vintage Floral in Navy Lizzy Guitar Strap. Not only is it super comfortable, but with so many colors in this purse strap, I can wear it with so many of my bags, makes switching a breeze. The Mai Tai Nikki. When I want to downsize from my Lauren, the Nikki really is the perfect size for my main essentials and between the studs and the beautiful salmon color, makes me dream of going on a vacation.

But with so many good choices, how could I just pick three, so I added a few more. I call them the perfect neutrals with a splash of color and have so much fun building my own unique combos! I also had to pick my favorite cowhide, which started out one and ended up being the other. What do you think it is? And I just think they all mix and match, just like my wardrobe. And I am not saying you can't have a black bag, but just find one really good one and don't pair it with everything ;)

As the designer, I really try to limit myself to one new "bag" to my collection every season but sometimes it's even hard for me to decide. That's why I loved adding the guitar straps and leather bracelets to my collection. So much fun mixing and matching!

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Did I miss anything? Let me know what your favs are!

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