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Escape from your old bulky wallet!

Escape from your old bulky wallet!
Escape from your old bulky wallet!

In all honesty, before I designed our streamlined Kimerly wallet, I wasn't really a wallet person. I would use my original Cher wristlet as mine. I didn't like all the compartments and they seemed like more of a hassle than they were worth.

I'd be out and about with friends, and when we went to pay the bill, they'd pull out this huge heavy wallet from their bag. I swear most of them weighed a full pound. I always wondered what did they carry in their wallet that was creating such bulk and weight!?! 

So when I decided I needed to add a wallet to my collection, my original thought was it needed to be a traditional zipper wallet. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that there's got to be a better way. Just because that is the most commonly seen wallet in the stores, doesn't mean that's what I need to create.

Like all of my designs, there tends to be a common thread between them, so I already knew I wanted to have an asymmetrical flap. I also wanted a place for coins, your ID and a phone. But most importantly I despised the credit card slots found in almost all wallets.

I see women struggling with them all the time. My friend Allison, half the time ends up searching her bag pockets for her credit card because she never put it back into her bulky wallet, since it's filled with receipts and isn't easy to find what she's looking for. 

So I used the three compartment system, you can still fit 12-15 cards in your wallet (maybe even more) and they are much easier to get out and view what you have. Personally, I separate them into my personal, my business and my non-credit cards (like gift cards, Costco ID, etc.). I also wanted a separate place for your ID that doesn't involve a plastic's easy to find and show when needed.​

New colors in our tri-fold wallet, Brynn Capella, made in the USA
tri-fold wallet, what fits by Brynn Capella, made in the USA

During the design process, I realize a tri-fold wallet can seem really simple. But it's about making sure everything fits without being super snug and placement of the snaps allows for the wallet to be full and still snap shut easily. That was key between the first sample and the final design.

At first I was a little nervous, because the wallet seemed so flimsy. But that is what makes it so lightweight. I was comparing it to the bulky zipper wallets and felt like women are going to feel like it won't hold up. But I am hear to say it does. We get all 5 star reviews on our wallets, and women come back for more just because they want another color. 

Streamlined tri-fold leather wallets by Brynn Capella, made in the USA

I use full-grain leather that will last 10+ years especially when treated properly. Pictured above are the newest leathers available: (l to r) Noche, Woodstock, Aquarisu, Whiskey, SeaBreeze, Rosario Beach and Guava. All the unique leathers currently available are the following separated by type of leather.

The distressed and aniline leathers: Aquarius,  Black Sand, Bluebell, Merlot, Guava, River Rock, Wicked, Woodstock and Whiskey will patina, soften nicely over time. The semi-aniline/finished leathers: Rosarito Beach, SeaBreeze, and Noche have a slight protective coating so they will look the same the longest. Our suedes: Black and Pacific might need a little TLC every now and them, but again it's a wallet, so it's okay to age.

Here's a 1 minute video highlighting all that fits, it's like magic how streamlined she stays:


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