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The Only Bag You'll Ever Need Again

Yes, this is ALL the same bag! 

No matter what your lifestyle is, our convertible backpack is for you. Since this bag has the ability to do it all, literally, it will not only make your commute easier, but goes from the office to the evening to the weekend. We designed our Lauren bag back in 2010, and now this style is one of the biggest trends you are seeing in the world of handbags - a handbag that also works as a backpack.

Top 5 reasons you'll wonder how you lived without her:

1. Looks good no matter which way you wear it 
Our soft structured design looks good on all body types. And with convertible styles, the key is looking good as a handbag AND as a backpack. Woman over 30, need a chic backpack that doesn't look like what your kids carry. 

2. It's not a one-season bag 
We use only high quality leather sourced from USA-based companies, who import gorgeous Italian and South American leather that stands the test of time, making the cost per wear totally worth it. 

3. It's the ultimate handbag from style to functionality 
We think you shouldn’t have to choose between the two. Your bag should look good and keep you organized, allowing you to look your best. From her inside pockets, perfect for charging cords, earbuds, business cards to the outside pockets great for keys, cell phone or any other small need to find quick items, to her hands-free style, luxury with function is what sets her apart.

4. You feel good about buying it 
From conception to fabrication, our line has been made exclusively in Chicago since 2009, consciously engaging in ethical manufacturing practices without compromising quality. We believe in always being made in the USA. 

5. You don’t have to switch bags for different occasions 
Don't you hate it when you realize that something's missing?! Ugh! Not with our 6-in-1 handbag! Life is already busy enough, with running the kids to soccer games, to daily commutes to the office, to family vacations, you shouldn’t have to spend time looking for another bag or making sure you transferred everything. Which makes it great for travel too!

At Brynn Capella, we say “less is more when it comes to handbags.” Our collection is all about clean lines, timeless style, where beauty meets functionality. So your handbag can go where you go without having to constantly change it. 

What woman hasn't wanted their bag to carry everything BUT be comfortable AND be hands-free too?


The whole idea behind the Lauren is to be your everyday handbag for any occasionWe designed a timeless luxury leather bag adapting it to be a multi-functional style which offers you the best of both worldsSince designing the style, she has created bag envy across the country. 

She can literally go where you go, whether you need to be hands-free, carry more or less, and go from workday to weekend with ease. You want to look good running around the city, hailing a cab, shopping and going to lunch. We hear all the time, it's the perfect travel bag!

And although you won’t need another bag in your wardrobe, you can’t help but want another color. 

Brynn designed her signature bag in 2010 and eventually added a smaller version called the Mini-Lauren in 2012, for those wanting all the same functionality, but a bag to either fit their smaller frame or to down size their handbag in general. 

It's the perfect bag for the woman who can’t make up her mind on what bag she wants. With a few clicks of the shoulder or long crossbody detachable straps, she can turn into almost any bag you need at a moments notice. Made with gorgeous Italian and South American leather, she is an investment that will stand the test of time. Appeals to women of all ages with her slouchy boho style frame and super flattering shape. 

Some things will just never go out of style.

What women are saying about us…

"Functional and absolutely gorgeous This is the perfect bag. It's great for those times when I need to carry a lot of stuff, but it also lends itself to being a beautiful, smaller-appearing bag when I don't need to carry as much. The design is brilliant that way. The leather appears to be high quality, and that color is amazing. I've gotten a number of compliments on this bag in the short time I've had it. I love it!" - Sue P.

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The Inspiration Behind the Bag

Brynn Capella designs bags with friends in mind. Her friend Lauren is a fashionista, style leader and business owner. She was also married with kids in her future. So she designed a bag that would be comfortable, fit essentials, made with quality materials that last, help her stay organized and also be super timeless and stylish. She didn’t want it to be covered in logos, heavy hardware or super structured. 

It was designed with a large center pocket, made for your bigger items (i.e. wallet, make-up bag, sunglasses, etc.) and with five outside pockets for your need to find quickly items, like your smart phone, keys, lip gloss, gum/mints, pens and more. 

Like most good things, Brynn began making bags in response to a personal need and desire. 

Originally from Southern California, she spent most of her free time hanging out in the coves of Laguna Beach. It is there that her style developed into a mix of beauty boho and classic vintage, as she spent just as much time at the beach, as she did shopping the thrift stores.

Fast forward to her 20's, she spent years in San Diego and a few in LA working in the ups and downs of the music industry. It was in-between jobs and on a tight budget, when she started honing her craft making simple boho style faux fur bags as gifts for friends and family. 

At 32, after moving to her parents home town of Chicago, she noticed a lack of multi-functional city handbags that were also fashionable. Without a fashion or business degree, she decided it was time to turn this hobby into a business. 

Brynn’s style philosophy is simple; less is more, so of course her handbags reflect that. All her designs continue to blend her laidback style with her minimalist fashion sense to create a handbag line that is as bohemian and timeless as they are functional.

Brynn has truly embraced a passion for the Chicago city life that has become a home to her as much as the California beaches she grew up on and it shows in her collection.

Available in several best selling colors and leathers. 

Two sizes: the Original & the Mini

All Brynn Capella Handbags are designed and handcrafted in Chicago.

I love being a part of the production process. Since I still order all the raw materials, I want to make sure they arrive in the best condition. Leather is a natural by-product, so it's important to quality check it. Being a boutique handbag line means the world to me. I love being able to offer a product as unique as you are. The reactions I get from woman online and in-person when they feel my leather or wear my bags makes it all worth it. 

Italian Leather Handbags. Beauty Meets Functionality. Made in the USA.

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